Severo Electric Pill Crusher Crushes Pills Quickly & Easily

Severo Electric Pill Crusher

severo electric pill crusherThe Severo Electric Pill Crusher is a cutting edge device that can be used for virtually any environment where pills need to be crushed. Unlike manual Pill Crushing devices, the Severo Pill Crusher is fast, effective and easy to clean so cross-contamination between pills or substances being crushed is eliminated.

The Severo Pill Crusher has a built in high capacity battery so it’s portable (does not rely on mains power to be able to crush pills). Also included is a top detachable tray for keeping medication etc and a side disposable medication cup holder.

The Severo Pill Crusher uses disposable cups and a strong grinding head that grinds the medication within the disposable cup, so it’s never been easier to crush pills:

  1. Place medication or substance to be grinded within the disposable cup.
  2. Place the grinding head into the disposable cup.
  3. Select grind mode (either 5 seconds or 13 second extra grind).
  4. Put the cup and grinding head onto the guides within the Severo ElectricPill Crusher.
  5. Close the door and the Electric Pill Crusher automatically starts to grind.
  6. Remove the cup, clean the grinding head and the Severo Electric Pill Crusher is ready for the next grind!


So if you’re looking to crush pills more effectively and easily, the answer is simple – A Severo Electric Pill Crusher.

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