Repetitive Strain Injury Crushing Pills

Repetitive Strain Injury Crushing Pills

Repetitive Strain Injury Crushing PillsIf you or your staff crush a lot of pills, you could be at risk from repetitive strain injury Crushing Pills.

An investigation was conducted at the Dutch Labour Inspectorate Organisation, to see how much force is required to suitably crush a pill (the recommended force to crush a pill manually via a Mortar & Pestle, is no more than 5kgf). The investigation found that forces of up to 16.22 kgf were required to crush 1x Paracetamol, the crush took 5 seconds to achieve.

So as you can imagine if you are crushing many pills on a daily basis, this could cause repetitive strain injury. By using a Severo Electric Pill Crusher, you eliminate the risk of you or your staff causing themselves harm by crushing pills. Staff injury can cost any organisation the inconvenience of staff members not being able to work, but also the possibility in monetary compensation.

Not only is the Severo Electric Pill Crusher portable (it has a built in high-capacity battery), it’s easy to use and has two grinding modes (5 seconds and extra grind 13 seconds). Why take the risk, the solution is already available – Purchase a Severo Electric Pill Crusher today.

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