Pill Crusher Repetitive Strain Injury

Evaluation of Severo Electric Pill Crusher



At the end of 2008 the psychogeriatric wards of Care Apeldoorn (Zorggroep Apeldoorn) acquired several Severo Electric Pill Crushers, due to the crushing of pills with a mortar and pestle was found to be physically demanding for the hand, wrist, elbow and Shoulder.

A survey was carried out to get feedback of the user-friendliness, Technical reliability etc of the Severo Portable Electric Medicine Grinder device.

16 surveys were conducted, of which 14 came back. A response of 87.5 %

Question 1): Are the crushers still in use?
Answer: On all the wards the crushers are still in use.

Question 2): Is it still the same crushers as the one that was bought?
Answer: Of the 26 Crushers bought 8 where eventually replace for a new type crusher.

Question 3): Has there been any form of repair on the crusher?
Answer: There have been 12 cases of repair on the 1st generation crushers either by the Technical department or by the company itself. In a number of cases this has led to replacement of the crushers (same brand, newer version).

Question 4): Do you think to crusher is user-friendly?
Answer: All respondents find the crusher very user-friendly.
Comment: Assuming this is also so for the newer version (See question 2).

Question 5): Are you satisfied with the ‘fineness’ of the crushing?
Answer: 11x it has been said that they were satisfied. The other 3 mention that they were not completely satisfied because of the fact that with harder pills they sometimes had to crush 2 times.

Question 6): Do you still sometimes crush your pills manually?
Answer: The only time there had been manual crushing since the Severo’s has been when one was broken.
Comment: It was indicated that: in location Koningsbeek (small scale living) there was need for more crushers because 1 crusher for 5 houses isn’t practical.

Question 7): Is there a need for more crushers on you department?
Answer: There is no need for more crushers. (except for the location mentioned in question 6).

Question 8): Have there been less physical complaints since you started working with the crushers?
Answer 1: 8 x it was mentioned that there has been a decrease of physical complaints especially regarding the wrist, elbow, back and shoulder.
Answer 2: 2 x it was mentioned that it was hard to say if the complaints have decreased solely because of the use of the Severo.
Answer 3: 4 x the answer was: no.


From the response of the surveys can be concluded that the staff are generally satisfied with the user-friendliness of the crusher and the fineness of the crushed medication.

There is less positive reaction about the technical quality of the OLD crushers. This is confirmed by the fact that 8 out of the 26 crushers where exchanged for newer versions. (see question 3).

It has to be sad that the new version Severo electric pill crusher has not yet had any problems.

Furthermore it is clear that eight times it was mentioned that since the Severo Portable Electric Pill Crusher has been in use, there had been less physical complaints.

it was also mentioned that two times, it was not clear if the reduction in physical complaints was related to the use of the Severo Portable Electric Medicine Grinder.


The main reason for buying the Severo Portable Electric Pill Crusher, was to reduce the amount of physical complaints our staff were having (especially to the wrist, hand, elbow, shoulder). As we’ve seen a positive effect in repetitive strange injury incidents since the purchase of the Severo Pill Crushing Device, we recommend that every department should have its own electric pill crusher.

The advantage of the latest version of the Severo Portable Electric Medicine Grinder, is that they are cheaper to buy and have a better technical quality. They are also smaller than the previous version and take up less space on the medicine cart and weigh almost 10 Kilograms less.

Following this investigation, Care Group Apeldoorn decided to provide a Severo Electric Pill Crusher to all departments.

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